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Treha Langsam walked into my life a few years ago and her story was published in September of 2013 as Every Waking Moment. At the end of that book, I let readers peek into the heart of someone dear to Treha—someone she hadn't met. That person was her mother.

For years I've heard, "When are you going to let us in on the rest of the story?" That time is here. I worked on the story, set it aside, worked on it some more, and what we came up with is, I think, a satisfying conclusion to Treha's saga.

Now, as with all my stories, there are some twists and turns, and I hope you'll understand why Treha's mother did what she did and that you'll forgive her.

Looking into You is being published only as an ebook for right now. If you enjoyed meeting Treha, you'll love participating in the unveiling her mother presents.
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chrisfabry BORDERS OF THE HEART: If you haven't read J.D & Maria's story, you can download the e-book for only $.99 this month.
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chrisfabry Anytime anyone says “mesmerizing” about something I’ve written, I take notice.
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Treha's Story

Every Waking Moment

Treha Langsam is a misfit. Some call her "different." They aren't aware of her special gift: calling those who have slipped into dementia back to moments of startling clarity.

Haunted by the mysteries of her past, Treha discovers an even deeper question: If this is as good as my life gets, am I okay with that?

An uplifting, human tale of an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift.

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