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Greetings from Chris

I believe stories can change the world. It's why I write.

After all, the gospel hangs on the thin, crimson thread of a story, preserved and shared for 2,000 years.

I tell stories, hoping one will scamper somewhere near the back door of your heart and knock. I hope that one day I will write something that has the impact of the story Nathan told David that revealed the truth in a story. David was incensed at the injustice of the story. He was looking in a mirror.

I grew up listening to stories told in the smoke-filled kitchen of my grandmother, my uncles smoking Camels, their elbows on their knees, hunched forward and spinning a yarn. I can close my eyes and still hear them, still hear the laughter, and still feel the exhilaration of a story well-told.

Stories can change the world because stories reach the heart. I hope you find a good one among those I have written.
Chris Fabry

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Christy Award Hall of Fame

Christy Award Hall of Fame 2018

Chris was honored to be inducted into the Christy Award Hall of Fame at the ECPA's annual awards ceremony on November 7 in Nashville, TN.

Awarded to authors who have received four or more Christy Awards, the Hall of Fame designation is conferred as "the highest author honor of the program, recognizing the author's legacy and contributions to Christian fiction." Five of Chris' novels—Dogwood, Almost Heaven, Not in the Heart, The Promise of Jesse Woods, and Looking into You—have been recipients of the Christy Award.

Karen Watson, publisher of Tyndale House fiction, stated, "We are always delighted when the excellent work of our authors is recognized. Tyndale's long-term investment in bringing impactful stories and skilled, God-gifted authors to the marketplace is an important part of our mission. Chris Fabry has been an integral part of achieving this mission at Tyndale."

Find out more about the Christy Award Hall of Fame at the Christy Awards website.