FABRYGRAM - January 23, 2012

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January 23, 2012

A New Look

I have some exciting news. The revamped, new-look ChrisFabry.com is up and running! I hope you'll stop by to see some new pictures and ways we've tried to present a professional/homey experience. We hope to provide readers with updates and news from the writing world. Some interesting things are happening and we'd love to have you take part.

A New Book

I'm also excited to introduce you to Truman Wiley, the main character in a new thriller, Not in the Heart. I say "thriller" because the story is pulse-pounding, but it's also a genuine, human story of a broken family and their attempts to reconcile.

Truman is a reporter. A good one. But he's down and out, having lost his job. He's given the opportunity, through his estranged wife, to tell the story of a convicted murderer, a man whose life will end in 30 days. Their son's life hangs in the balance because of a heart condition—the man on death row has agreed to donate his heart and become the first "death row donor," if the government approves.

Here's the problem. Truman is such a good reporter, he digs up facts about the case that don't add up. What if Terrelle, the inmate, isn't guilty? If Truman reveals the facts before the execution, his son will die. If he spikes the story, an innocent man may die.

Throughout this tale, you see the struggle of good and evil, belief and unbelief. I think it's the best story I've ever told. It will appeal to readers of Dogwood, June Bug, and Almost Heaven, but I think it will also reach mainstream readers of Grisham and Connelly—anyone who likes a good mystery/thriller.

There's probably a "Truman" in your life. There's probably someone you ache to come to know the truth and stop his/her self-destructive ways. I'm hoping this story will encourage readers to not give up, to stick with that person through the failures.

If you want to see a trailer for the book, follow the link at the right.

Thank You!

Thanks for your support and friendship.


Chris Fabry
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Not in the Heart

Available now at major online retailers! Coming soon to your local Christian bookstore and in eBook and audiobook formats.

View the book trailer for Not in the Heart.

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