FABRYGRAM: Treha News, Jesse News, and a Thought for the New Year

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December 2016

Treha News

The good news I have for this edition is that, at long last, Treha's story is complete. We met her in the book Every Waking Moment. At the end of that book, we glimpsed her mother in a darkened theater as she watched her daughter in a documentary. Treha's mother is not only introduced in a new story, you'll see the way they meet, face to face, and all the ensuing drama that occurs. The new book releases January 1, only on eBook. The price is right during the first week—only $1.99. Look for Looking into You at your favorite eBook store.

Every day, Paige Redwine is haunted by a choice she made when she was only seventeen. Now, just past forty, still single, she lives a tidy, controlled life as a well-respected English professor at a college in Nashville. Nothing could prepare her for the day Treha Langsam—the daughter she secretly placed for adoption—walks into her classroom as a student, unknowingly confronting Paige with both her greatest longing and her greatest fear.

Jesse News

Christianity Today recently released their picks for the best books of 2016. You can see their website for the full list. I was encouraged that my book The Promise of Jesse Woods was given an "Award of Merit" in the Fiction category, which means it came in second place. Sharon Garlough Brown wrote,

"Fabry is skilled at portraying the real-life faith struggles of real people, and he manages to avoid the gravitational pull toward a clichéd ending."

In a follow-up article by Sarah Arthur titled "I'm on the Lookout for the Next Great Christian Novel," she writes:

"What makes a book like Chris Fabry's The Promise of Jesse Woods a runner-up this year is that it takes the hometown plotline and turns it on its head. The main character's quest to go back home and 'save' his childhood sweetheart is foiled—and rightly so. People are not saved by anyone other than Jesus. Women, in particular, do not need saving by men. (Note how, in the process of flipping the hometown narrative, Fabry takes what could be stock characters and turns them into real people.)

That really captures what I'm trying to accomplish with each story—that the characters ring true, not just to the ear, but to the heart. And as we struggle well with the problems and hurts of the past, we come face to face with ourselves and the chance to change. I believe the best change can only come through the power of God, and I try to reflect that with everything I write.

Thought for the New Year

I found an interesting quote in a book titled The Bestseller Code. I want to share it here as we near the start of the New Year.

"Some novels work for huge numbers of readers not because of what they say to us but what they do to us."

That thought resonated with me because I've read a few books in my life that have stuck on the wall of my heart. It wasn't because the books dealt with huge social or cultural issues or that they were written in such a way that they called attention to themselves. It was because the book did something inside of me.

I look at fiction as a mirror, and good books show us ourselves. Great books show us our own hearts. But like any mirror, there's a lot to see in the reflection. Great books don't just show us something, they move us to action, to some kind of response. How many times have you read a work of fiction and found yourself wondering what's happening to the characters now?

Each time I write a story, I hope I can accomplish something close to that. It's my goal to write clear and hard about what hurts. (A quote by Hemingway.) And by doing that, I dig deep into life's coal mine and pray I return from the hole in the ground with something good.

Right now I'm working on a story set in the West Virginia coalfields—with a dual timeline and some characters I think you'll love. The book Hillbilly Elegy has become a bestseller, and my book deals with some of the same people the author grew up with in the rust belt. I'll let you know when that story is complete.

Chris Fabry

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Releasing Jan. 1

Looking into You

Looking into You, the continuation of Treha's story from Every Waking Moment, will be available in eBook format on January 1, at an introductory price of only $1.99! Visit my website's Looking into You page for quick links to your favorite online seller.

If you didn't read Every Waking Moment, you can buy that novel plus Looking into You in a combined eBook at a discounted price! Look for The Treha Collection at your favorite online store.

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