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Every Waking Moment

Every Waking Moment

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"This novel has authentic characters, a compelling narrative, and a complex exploration of the brokenness and hope of human life."
— Susannah Clements, department chair of literature, Regent University

"Writing in his trademark lyrical style, Fabry spins a poignant tale about our society's invisible seniors and the woman and man who see their potential."

"A fresh voice in Christian fiction . . . [Fabry] brings his trademark rich character development to this story, which delves into weighty issues like judgment, contentment, giftedness, and society's outcasts."
— Evangelical Christian Publishers Association

"Fledgling documentary filmmaker Devin Hillis finds simple stories fascinating. When he arranges to film the residents of Desert Gardens Retirement Home, he thinks he has hit the mother lode. Unfortunately, investors are not as enamored with his concept of focusing on 'old people sitting in a nursing home' and Devin's inheritance is dwindling. Time, and the patience of his partner Jonah Verwer, is running out. When Desert Gardens' director, Miriam Howard, is forced into her own retirement, she remains drawn to the lives of the residents and staff, especially a young janitor named Treha. Treha has a gift for connecting with residents that the new retirement home director does not particularly appreciate. As Devin and Miriam join forces to help Treha understand her own mysterious past, the story uncovered has momentous effects on all involved. Against the somber landscape of the physical and mental deterioration that often accompanies aging, Christy Award-winning novelist Fabry (Almost Heaven) crafts a character-driven tale of dignity and compassion for those who seem to have lost importance to society and, for some, even to their own families. This thought-provoking read challenges the prevailing cultural calculations of the value of a person's life."
Publishers Weekly
"The skillfully woven plot twists, intermingled with humor, angst and questions of faith, make Every Waking Moment a true page-turner."
Homecoming Magazine

"Every Waking Moment has depth and beauty. I really don't think I could say enough good things about this novel. It's thrilling. It's poignant. It's touching. It's deep. It's beautiful. And it should be read."
— Josh Olds, Life Is Story

"This is a book full of deep sorrow but also deep faith . . . its intellectual puzzles, dark and resonant themes, and passionate and sensitive heart combine in an ultimately redemptive but also immensely disturbing story that deserves wide readership and acclaim and thoughtful reflection on what it says about ourselves and our world."
— Nathan Albright, Edge Induced Cohesion

"Like small streams converging together to form a river cascading over a falls, these stories soon merge together and become a powerful force in the lives of them all. Once again, Chris Fabry's brilliance in developing full-fleshed characters within a thrilling, yet poignant and sometimes painful story has captivated my heart and mind. Long after I've put the novel down flashes of Treha still come to me. I highly recommend Every Waking Moment to readers of all ages."
— Melody Ballard, Fiction Addict

"There's something special going on over at Desert Gardens Retirement Home . . . a story that everyone should take a minute to enjoy."
— Rick Estep, Book Fun Magazine