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It's almost time for people to meet Jesse Woods and her little sister, Daisy Grace. I'm hearing that this story is as deep and heartfelt as June Bug and Dogwood. It may be even deeper because of the longings of the heart it represents. In a sense, this is a love story and a mystery wrapped together in two summers—1972 and 1984.

The main character, Matt Plumley, moves to Dogwood, West Virginia, and is immediately thrust into a foreign world he doesn't understand. With the help of two friends, he navigates his way into the hills—and falls for an Appalachian girl.

It's a simple story of some simple people who are just trying to love their way through life and making mistakes just like the rest of us.

Thanks for being interested in the things going on in my heart and soul as I pour them onto the page.
Chris Fabry

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