"The author does a masterful job of capturing the agony of [Truman's] dilemma while filtering it through his sardonic sense of humor and appealing frankness. This absorbing novel should further boost Fabry's reputation as one of the most talented authors in Christian fiction."
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"Not in the Heart is dedicated to 'the addicted and those who love them'—a reference to the narrator's gambling problem. Sin is a real (and ugly) reality in the world Fabry creates. But this book is actually a story of hope, redemption, and sacrifice; it just hides that until the last two pages. . . . Fabry has built a rewarding story; it's hard to imagine inspirational fiction done better than this."
World Magazine

"Fabry has written a nail-biter with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers riveted. Fans of Jerry B. Jenkins and Jodi Picoult might want to try this title."
Library Journal

"Not in the Heart has at its core not just the physical heart issues of Truman's son, but most powerfully the emotional and spiritual issues of the heart. . . . God unpeels the layers of Truman's heart slowly, demonstrating the often stubborn nature of our hearts in responding to God's truth. Yet this book also demonstrates God's kindness that leads to repentance, his everlasting patience with each of us.

"Great Christian novels are more than a story, they leave the reader pondering the state of his or her own heart. Not in the Heart demonstrates God's power to transform the seemingly untransformable. Most of all, it points us to the one man's death on a Cross that holds that power to change each of our hearts."
— TitleTrakk.com

"Not in the Heart is the best book I have read in a long time. The plot is unique and creative, containing both ethical and moral dilemmas. It moves at an appropriate pace but still manages to keep the reader hanging until the last page. There are numerous twists throughout the story, but the ending still came as a shock to me. Although this book is comprised of serious subject matter, there are splashes of humor to lighten things up at times. . . . It challenges not only the readers' emotions but also their minds."
— ReaderViews.com

"A conflicted, memorable main character. . . . While the mystery at its core is compelling, it's Wiley's inner conflict that's truly engrossing. Down to its final pages, [Not in the Heart] is a gripping read."
"This is a great thriller starring a morally bankrupt individual who has lost confidence in himself and that of his loved ones while having given up on Jesus as a waste of his time. Filled with plenty of action and several entertaining twists, yet character driven, readers will relish this sensational soul-searching suspense."
— Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews

"Not in the Heart by Chris Fabry is an excellent book... a must read! Chris has woven a story so believable about people we all could know and relate to. His combination of humor, suspense, and intrigue, combined with the characters' personal challenges, makes this an instant classic. The plot moves smoothly and quickly between its many twists and turns, and the characters are well-developed and expressed. Not in the Heart has encouraged me to look beyond myself, and how my decisions affect those around me."

What Readers Are Saying . . .

  • "In this suspense-filled drama, Fabry covers hot topics involving illegal immigration policies, drug running between borders, and the cost of being involved with the mob. . . . Readers will be immersed in the lives of Maria and J. D."

    ROMANTIC TIMES, 4-Star Review of Borders of the Heart

  • "This absorbing novel should further boost Fabry's reputation as one of the most talented authors in Christian fiction."

    CBA RETAILERS + RESOURCES on Not in the Heart

  • "Once again, Chris Fabry's brilliance in developing full-fleshed characters within a thrilling, yet poignant and sometimes painful story has captivated my heart and mind."

    FICTIONADDICT.COM on Every Waking Moment

  • "[Fabry's] poignant story is driven by deeply drawn characters who evoke empathy and frustration, compassion and anger. But in the end, the painful labor of rebirth will bring tears of joy!"

    Christine, CBD Fiction Editor, on Looking into You

  • "[Every Waking Moment] has authentic characters, a compelling narrative, and a complex exploration of the brokenness and hope of human life."

    Susannah Clements, department chair of literature, Regent University

  • "A character-driven tale of dignity and compassion for those who seem to have lost importance to society . . . this thought-provoking read challenges the prevailing cultural calculations of the value of a person's life."

    PUBLISHERS WEEKLY on Every Waking Moment

  • "The rural South comes to life, with themes of forgiveness and second chances as highlights. The characters are both deeply flawed and immensely relatable, making this another hit for Fabry."

    LIBRARY JOURNAL on A Piece of the Moon

  • "Fabry has built a rewarding story; it's hard to imagine inspirational fiction done better than this."

    WORLD MAGAZINE on Not in the Heart

  • "There is so much to love about The Song . . . Heart-wrenching and emotional scenes abound in this tale of fame, fortune, loss, and redemption."

    ROMANTIC TIMES, 4½-Star Top Pick Review

  • "A book about deep secrets, the effort it takes to heal catastrophic hurts, and a thriller with an excellent plot climax."

    1340MAGBOOKS.COM on Dogwood

  • "Ultimately a story of love and forgiveness, [Dogwood] should appeal to a wide audience."