How far would you go to love someone well?

Grayson Hayes is a sharp-tongued, witty wordsmith. But the stream of language has become a trickle as words skitter from his mind. Dreading this growing loss and desperate to care for his wife after he's gone, he hatches a plan that requires a cross-country road trip to the West Virginia of his youth.

On the journey, Grayson encounters people, places, and forgotten wrongs done that greatly affected others and shaped his own story. What is the value of a life that diminishes daily? Will Gray find the peace and resolution he's searching for? And what does love look like for those who surround this force of nature?

In Saving Grayson, bestselling and award-winning author Chris Fabry takes us into a world of love and loss, dementia and startling clarity, hope and despair. We shake our heads (and sometimes laugh) at Gray's crusty antics. We share his fear of what's to come. And we root for him and those who love him to find answers before the words become a distant memory.

What Readers Are Saying . . .

  • "A character-driven tale of dignity and compassion for those who seem to have lost importance to society . . . this thought-provoking read challenges the prevailing cultural calculations of the value of a person's life."

    PUBLISHERS WEEKLY on Every Waking Moment

  • "The rural South comes to life, with themes of forgiveness and second chances as highlights. The characters are both deeply flawed and immensely relatable, making this another hit for Fabry."

    LIBRARY JOURNAL on A Piece of the Moon

  • "Once the story starts cooking, [Dogwood] is difficult to put down, what with Fabry's surprising plot resolution and themes of forgiveness, sacrificial love, and suffering."


  • "Not in the Heart is the best book I have read in a long time. The plot is unique and creative, containing both ethical and moral dilemmas. . . . It challenges not only the readers' emotions but also their minds."


  • "An evocative novel . . . Fabry weaves the events of the past and present into a finely layered story exploring the relationships of faith, forgiveness and family in the midst of healing from pain buried deep in the past."

    PUBLISHERS WEEKLY on Under a Cloudless Sky

  • "Fabry has built a rewarding story; it's hard to imagine inspirational fiction done better than this."

    WORLD MAGAZINE on Not in the Heart

  • "A book about deep secrets, the effort it takes to heal catastrophic hurts, and a thriller with an excellent plot climax."

    1340MAGBOOKS.COM on Dogwood

  • "A powerful story of faith and the material things people hold dear. . . . This is Fabry's best yet."

    PUBLISHERS WEEKLY on A Piece of the Moon

  • "This absorbing novel should further boost Fabry's reputation as one of the most talented authors in Christian fiction."

    CBA RETAILERS + RESOURCES on Not in the Heart

  • "A conflicted, memorable main character. . . . While the mystery at its core is compelling, it's Wiley's inner conflict that's truly engrossing. Down to its final pages, [Not in the Heart] is a gripping read."