"From the first haunting line of Saving Grayson, master storyteller Chris Fabry mesmerizes with the tale of a man at war with the ticking clock of his own fragile mind. Employing the epitome of his prodigious evocative skills, the Christy Hall of Fame novelist takes us on a heartrending journey of pain and ultimately hope, redemption, and forgiveness."
— Jerry B. Jenkins, New York Times bestselling author
"Poetic. Profound. Painful at times. Saving Grayson is a captivating story not just read but experienced, immersing me in Gray's turmoil of trying to grasp life, only to find it slipping through a sieve of unforeseen circumstances. Chris Fabry is a masterful storyteller, capturing my attention from the first page to the very last. His thought-provoking message is clear: Even in the cruelest situations, even when we are not all that deserving, grace and mercy can be granted."
— T. I. Lowe, bestselling author of Under the Magnolias
"Saving Grayson has more spellbinding twists and turns than the scenic mountain roads of Chris Fabry's native West Virginia. It's a story of betrayal and love, sacrifice and selfishness, anger and release. It's a portrait of the transforming power and very essence of forgiveness. I wept as I neared the conclusion of this novel, one I will remember for the remainder of my days."
— Jeff Crosby, author of The Language of the Soul
"Our friend Chris Fabry does a remarkable job of blending fiction, mystery, well-developed characters, and the message of God's love into an enjoyable, poignant novel. Saving Grayson has humor, heart, and a large dose of reality as the characters unpack the truth that God's love isn't earned—it's a gift we receive. Thanks for taking us on this engaging journey with Grayson, Chris!"
— Alex and Stephen Kendrick, writers and directors of War Room and Courageous
"Chris has penned a tender and moving story about a man's struggle to mend a broken heart. Told through the cracked lens of a failing memory, Gray finds an unexpected remedy through the healing of selfless love and the transformational power of forgiveness."
— Charles Martin, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author
"Chris Fabry's Saving Grayson is a heartbreakingly honest tale of life with Alzheimer's disease. With masterful storytelling, Fabry takes readers on an emotion-filled journey, navigating marriage and family, love and sacrifice, forgiveness and acceptance. One can't help but cheer for the protagonist while at the same time identify with those who love him. Despite a topic that often brings fear and uncertainty, the pages of Saving Grayson are filled with brilliant nuggets of warmth, humor, and hope."
— Michelle Shocklee, award-winning author of Count the Nights by Stars
"Fabry's signature style shines as he draws readers into the story of Grayson Hayes's last-ditch effort to unravel his tangled memories and make peace with his past. Saving Grayson is a stunning testament to the power of love and how a shift in perspective can monumentally alter the human capacity for compassion and forgiveness. This redemptive tale reminds us that the most beautiful stories we have to offer are the ones we write with our lives."
— Amanda Cox, award-winning author of The Edge of Belonging and The Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery
"This poignant and imaginative story lets the reader peek inside the mind and musings of Grayson Hayes as Alzheimer's disease slowly erases a lifetime of memories. Saving Grayson is an intriguing, bittersweet story, made all the more memorable by Chris Fabry's masterful use of language. I truly loved this book!"
— Deborah Barr, author of Grace for the Unexpected Journey: A 60-Day Devotional for Alzheimer's and Other Dementia Caregivers and coauthor of Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade: The 5 Love Languages and the Alzheimer's Journey
"The world of an aging writer comes full circle, from haunting guilt to the freedom of forgiveness, from lost loves to found family, from mystery to discovery, in this tender story of a man at once losing his memory and finding himself. Readers seeking a story alive with faith and hope will relish journeying along with Grayson Hayes."
— Lisa Wingate, New York Times bestselling author of Before We Were Yours
"Chris Fabry is one of my favorite novelists (and people). What makes a great story isn't just the plot, it's the characters who linger with you, like real people you know, or wish you knew, or are glad you don't. Two weeks after finishing Saving Grayson, I'm still thinking about the characters. Chris tells an engaging and important story with a powerful ending. I'm delighted to recommend this book!"
— Randy Alcorn, bestselling author of Courageous and Heaven

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    Christine, CBD Fiction Editor, on Looking into You

  • "A mesmerizing tale . . . [Almost Heaven] will surprise readers in the best possible way; plot twists unfold and unexpected character transformations occur throughout this tender story."